Although there are many types of devices and medicines in the market to do pregnancy tests, with the conception, many changes start in the body of a woman.

If you want you can know from these early symptoms that you are pregnant or not. It is important to mention that these are just symptoms. It is possible that the symptoms you are seeing are due to some other reason.

1. Heavy Breast

This is a very common symptom. Actually, breast tissue is highly sensitive to the hormones. With  pregnancy, the hormonal change begins in the body. This causes swelling or heaviness in the breast.

2. Nipple color

Do you see anything different from your nipple? The melanocytes are affected by the hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. That is, it affects the cells that are responsible for the color of the nipple. Nipple color becomes dark when conceived.

3. Nausea and vomiting

The beginning of the day in pregnancy is quite cumbersome. Waking up in the morning feels weakness and nausea. At times, eating something causes vomiting.

4. Go to the toilet frequently

Are you going to the toilet more often than before? At such times the kidneys become more active, which has to go to the toilet again and again.

5. Crewing

Cravings are also a major symptom of being pregnant. Pregnancy increases the attraction of a particular thing in the woman and at the same time, she starts eating hearts. Many times it happens that women’s daily diet increases suddenly.

6. Headache

The headache starts due to increased blood volume. It is one of the major symptoms of early pregnancy. But gradually it gets cured of itself.

7. Constipation complaint

Due to the hormonal change, there is an effect on the digestive tract. The digestive process becomes slightly slow. In this case, the woman often starts complaining of constipation.

8. Body temperature and mood

When pregnant, the body temperature often remains above the normal temperature. Not only this,  but the mood also changes from time to time. If something starts to look good, then it hates the same thing.

Some Other common symptoms of pregnancy

There are some very common symptoms of pregnancy, depending on which you can know whether you are pregnant or not.

9. Heavy breathing

Do you feel the heaviness of breathing, just as you have just come up the stairs? This is because you are pregnant. The embryo in your stomach needs oxygen, which it takes from you.

10. Breast heaviness

The symptoms of pregnancy are a heaviness in the breasts, change in their shape, excessive blackness in the area around the nipples and swelling of the nerves in the breasts. You understand that you are going to be a mother. Wear the best and comfortable bra in such a time, which can reduce your problems.

11. Constant fatigue

During pregnancy, hormones change very rapidly and due to this, the body is exhausted. Many women feel the most tired of the first three months of pregnancy. This is due to the changes taking place within the body.

12. Dizziness

Most women have the most problems of dizziness in the first four months of pregnancy. Many women also have dizziness during the morning, afternoon and night. This is due to changes in their body. Gradually this trouble is reduced. Eat well-eaten food at such times and drink as much as possible fluid.

13. To be irritated

Suddenly you are starting to feel more like eating sour food and simple eating is causing anorexia, then understand that there is a small life in your stomach. In such a state, it is natural for the person to have anorexia and to eat spicy food because the hormones change within the body.

14.Mood swings

Your mood nowadays is like  revenge. A moment to feel like doing something else, after a while, to feel like doing something else. In this case, talk to your husband. Tell them about their mood swings so that they can help you with the situation.

15. Too much odor

During pregnancy, the smell of smell increases and the smell is highest. In such a situation, stay away from any strong smelling things and accessories. You may also vomit because of the smell. Always use perfume with good aroma.

16. Late period

One of the early signs of pregnancy is  the late onset of a period. Periods often stop coming after pregnancy. You should also consult a doctor if the periods have not stopped, become irregular, or you notice any other signs of pregnancy.

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