Breathing Excercises


Breathing workout means the workouts, exercises,meditation and Yoga asanas in which we always exhale on exertion. Bench press and Pull ups are the most common example exercises of breathing workouts. We exhale on the push and inhale as we bring it slowly to your chest in bench press and we exhale on the pulling up motion and inhale on the way down in pull ups

Breathing workouts method known as breath Muscle Strength coaching will boost psychological feature and physical performance, yet as vessel health.

How to do Breathing Exercise:
  1. In the beginning always choose seated and comfortable position.
  2. Take a deep breath in and out if possible.
  3. Always count each and every on inhale and exhale so that both should done in equal.
  4. If you feel comfortable in pausing means retaining inhale and giving exhale.
  5. Do practice for 5 minutes or more if possible in breathing exercise.

Deep breathing action removes stress and relaxes your brain and body. Along with this, you also get good sleep by taking deep breaths. To take advantage of deep breath exercise, it is very important to know about its correct technique. By taking a deep breath with the right technique, you soon realize its benefits.

What to pay attention to
  • The pictures that emerge in your mind while taking a deep breath help you to relax.
  • During this time keep your eyes closed.
  • Take some deep and long breaths in the beginning.
  • Feel peace while breathing and feel the same for your whole body.
  • While exhaling, feel the tension and anxiety coming out along with the air.
  • There should be an equal time to breathe in and out. For this you count up to 5 in your mind while breathing and do the same while exhaling. This helps to equalize the time of breathing in and out.
  • Do not apply too much strength while breathing and exhaling.
  • Wear loose clothing while doing this exercise.
  • Repeat this process for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Benefits of deep breathing

Deep breathing detoxes the body: Everyday, the body is exposed to a variety of toxins, which can include polluted environments, contaminated water and food. The body cleanses itself of these toxins through breath. If you do not take a deep breath, the body’s ability to excrete toxins decreases. Due to which other systems of the body have to work harder to clean the blood and due to this the person becomes ill. When you take a deep breath and leave, many kinds of toxins are also released along with carbon dioxide.

Deep breathing increases oxygen level: You feel relaxed while taking deep breaths and through this oxygen reaches the right amount of cells of the body. Cells require naturally obtained oxygen. Eat without eating for 40 days and without water for 3 days our body can survive, but by not breathing for a few minutes our body becomes dead. Adequate oxygen from deep breathing increases the efficiency of all the functions of your body. In such a situation, you also feel better on your concentration ability and physical stamina.

Deep breathing reduces stress: Small breathing is associated with stress and anxiety. The body feels insecure while fighting or before fighting, due to which the person starts taking light and small breaths. Short breaths cause a person to have problems of anxiety, fear and hyperventilation (this is because the person’s body is getting ready for danger. Take deep breaths to avoid stress and anxiety. This causes your body to get enough oxygen and you become worry free. By taking a deep breath, your heartbeat also becomes normal, which makes you feel calm. If you have anxiety and fear disorders, taking deep breaths gives you relief in the current situation.

Deep breathing improves the respiratory system: Deep breathing relaxes the diaphragm and breathing muscles. In addition, deep breathing reduces respiratory problems such as asthma and shortness of breath. This process reduces the tension of the intercostal muscles, the bones between the shoulders and the ribs, and the spinal cord, neck and shoulder muscles that help in standing and also reduces the tightness of the chest.

Deep breathing is beneficial for the heart: Most people do not know that deep breathing is also a good exercise for the body. If you do not do regular exercise or are not able to exercise due to any health problem, you can still get the benefits of many exercises by taking deep breaths every day for some time.

Taking deep breaths increases the efficiency of your heart and reduces fat easily. If you practice deep breathing with other exercises, then it also shows positive effects in your heart’s performance.

Deep breathing improves digestive system: Deep breathing increases blood circulation in the digestive system. Due to this, the function of the intestines is increased and digestion is improved. Improved digestion helps to eliminate problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation. Your mood also has a profound effect on the digestive system and appetite. Deep breathing reduces stress and anxiety and improves your digestion.

Deep breathing controls weight: Deep breathing helps control weight. If you are underweight, then by taking deep breaths, the tissues and cells get sufficient amount of oxygen and your weight remains correct. On the other hand, if you are overweight, then the appropriate level of oxygen works to reduce your excess fat. When you take small breaths, instead of decreasing body fat, glycogen (a complex carbohydrate) is destroyed.

Other benefits of deep breathing: Following are some other benefits of deep breathing:

  • Sound sleepy
  • Effects on brain functions
  • Keep young
  • Maintaining BP normal, etc.

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