Acidity is a medical condition that occurs due to overproduction of acid. Acid is produced by the stomach glands. Due to acidity, symptoms like stomach ulcer, gastric swelling, heartburn and indigestion are seen. It is usually caused by many factors such as irregular eating patterns, physical fitness or lack of activities, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, tearing diet and poor eating habits. People who consume more spicy, non-vegetarian and oily food are more prone to acidity.  

What causes acidity?

Our stomach usually produces gastric acid which helps in digestion. The corrosive effects of these acids are balanced by the production of prostaglandins and natural bicarbonates that are secreted into the mucous lining. It damages the inner lining of the stomach and causes acidity. Other factors that cause acidity include:

Some of the major causes of acidity are:

Non-Veg Food:

As we all know that non-vegetarian food is high in fat and when non-vegetarian food is made, then separate oil spices are added in it, due to this, non-vegetarian food is not able to feed properly for the stomach. , Which causes acidity problems.

Fried, Roasted and Fatty Foods:

In today’s time, people mostly eat fried fried things, people who are not Non-vegetarian, they eat more food with oil, chillies, spices, ghee, yogurt, so eating more oil spices also causes acidity, hence Oil spices should be eaten as little as possible.

Fertilizers and Pesticides: –

Today, farmers use pesticides and fertilizers to improve their yields to protect their crops from insects, which is also a chemical that is very harmful. They reach inside the body and damage the body. There are also some chemical substances that also promote the problem of acidity in the stomach and the problem of ulcers.

Mental stress and anxiety:

Body texture is such that when the human is under any kind of mental stress or is more worried about any subject then the amount of acid released from the stomach in the stomach increases, it is also a factor of acidity.

Smoking and alcohol consumption: –

Smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful to the body anyway, human beings should not consume it. Smoking and drinking alcohol also release excess amount of acid from the stomach which promotes acidity.

What are the initial symptoms of acidity?

  • Heartburn: Pain or discomfort due to a severe burning sensation that can also occur from the stomach to the stomach, chest or throat.
  • Regurgitation: A bitter or sour tasting acid comes back into the throat or mouth which eventually creates sores in the spots.
  • Flatulence, hematoma, bloody or black tarry stool, frequent belching, difficulty swallowing, frequent hiccups, nausea, vomiting, always feeling full, chronic sore throat, frequent dry cough, restlessness, indigestion and unexpected weight gain. To be less.

What are the precautions of standard acidity?

Several methods can be adopted to prevent acidity and they are quite easy to follow:

  • Avoid reflux foods: Do not eat spicy foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, acidic and fatty foods
  • Split your food: Do not consume regular food 3 times a day. Divide it into 5 smaller parts so that pressure and reflux can be avoided.
  • Do not lie down after eating: Take at least 2 hours to reach your bed after eating, as food will flow back into the esophagus.
  • Try to eliminate foods that trigger acidity for a few weeks, check and rebroadcast
  • Lose weight: Excess fat suppresses the stomach area, thus pushing gastric juice into the esophagus. Try to lose weight when you are overweight
  • Avoid certain medications: Some OTC medications such as ibuprofen, paracetamol acidity and other prescription drugs such as anticholinergics, drugs like dopamine, theophylline, sedatives, calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers can cause acidity.
  • Try to wear loose clothing around the waist and belly area as this can reduce tension around the areas.

How is acidity diagnosed?

Acidity is diagnosed in various ways.

Monitoring of pH: It checks the acid level in the esophagus. This device is inserted into the esophagus by the doctor; It is left there for 2 days to measure the amount of acid in the esophagus.

Barium Swallow: It helps in detecting narrow esophagus and ulcers. This solution has to be followed and then an x-ray will be taken.

Endoscopy: A long, flexible light tube with a small camera is inserted through the mouth at the lower part and abdominal problems are examined with the help of the camera esophagus. This is done with the help of sedation or unconsciousness.

What is the most effective treatment for acidity?

Acidity can be corrected by taking antacids, which contain aluminum, calcium, or magnesium. Many times, H2 receptor blockers (histamine blocking agents) such as nizatidine,famotidine, ranitidine, and cimetidine are used. Proton pump inhibitors are also prescribed by a doctor if you have a severe acidity problem.

Acidity can also be treated with home remedies such as banana, cold milk, fennel, cumin, cardamom, cloves, mint leaves and ginger. You can also prevent acidity by avoiding spicy foods or pickles during meals, eating more vegetables and fruits, eating non-vegetarian food, avoiding drugs like NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and steroids, and reducing stress.

Sometimes eating food just before bed can also cause acidity. This causes stomach enzymes to flow back into your esophagus and cause acid reflux. This can be very harmful for health.

What are the natural ways to reduce acidity?

Some natural ways to reduce acidity are:

Almond: It neutralizes the juice of the stomach, relieves pain and prevents acidity completely. When you are not in a position to take your food, put almonds in the almonds so that they are protected from excessive acid secretion. After eating, take 4 almonds.

Bananas and Apples: Bananas naturally contain antacids that fight acidity and intake of a few slices of apple before going to bed at night to relieve heartburn or reflux.

Coconut water: While drinking coconut water, the pH of the body becomes acidic level alkaline and it produces mucus in the stomach. The mucus protects the stomach from the severe effects of excessive acid production. This fiber-rich water supports digestion and prevents the transmission of acidity.

Adequate sleep: Sleep at least 7 hours continuously.

Treatment of acidity

First of all, we have to consume more of such things in the food, which together with the acid produced in the stomach, neutralize or neutralize or equalize it, so that the acid does not form in excess, magnesium, calcium and aluminum are considered the best options. Nowadays, people come with a chemical substance that is mixed with water and drink, which gives relief in acidity, you can also choose that option.

Home remedies for acidity: –

Medication is not the only cure to cure acidity, you can also treat acidity with home remedies which is something like this-

From celery: –

Celery remedy can be very effective if there is acidity. For this you boil celery in a cup of water and when it boils well and the water is reduced to half then filter it and drink it. If the taste does not taste good, you can also add salt to it according to your taste. You will get more rest.

Gooseberries (Amla):

A person who often complains of acidity should take amla daily, which will give a lot of relief in the problem of acidity.

Basil leaves:

Tulsi leaves are a very important medicine or used for treatment in every disease and are easily available in every household. Just as they give relief from cold and cold, they also provide relief in acidity.

Cumin :

Cumin is also effective in stomachache or constipation and acidity, for this, roasting cumin seeds and adding black salt to it, eating it provides relief from stomach acidity.

Turmeric :

Turmeric is also an important medicine, if a person is troubled by acidity then eating turmeric mixed with curd will give relief from both constipation and acidity in the stomach.


Aniseed is a type of mouth freshener or removes odor from the mouth as well as eliminates acidity from the stomach, so if you wake up after eating in hotels, then you are given an anise to eat after eating. Later you do not have problems of indigestion or acidity.


Eating mint leaves in acidity reduces stomach ache, as well as reduces acidity.

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